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Wachauer Marille
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Wachau apricot blossom (Late March-early April)

The regional start to spring. Depending on the weather, this natural spectacle, which attracts numerous tourists, takes place every year at the end of March / beginning of April and immerses the surroundings in a delicate white-pink sea of ​​flowers.


Wachau Gourmet Festival (March 19 - April 2, 2020)
with the Krems wine and pleasure fair . The participating regions are the Wachau | Kremstal | Kamptal | Traisental. Which combine your world's best white wines with the culinary offer of top restaurants. A top-class festival.


Wine spring
Kremstal / Kamptal / TraisentaL
(01.05. - 03.05.2020)
Numerous winegrower families present their new, fresh wines. The main focus - typical of these three regions - is on the DAC wines Grüner Veltliner and Riesling. But you can also look forward to fragrant summer wines, sparkling wines, rosé and rare classics.


Wachau wine spring
Vinea Wachau
(01.05. - 03.05.2020)

You will discover the cultural landscape of the Wachau and can taste the wine of the past year from over 100 Vinea winegrowers.


Summer solstice
Wachau / Nibelungengau / Kremstal

Around the 21st of June the Danube region Wachau-Nibelungengau-Kremstal is dedicated to the magnificent Solstice celebrations every year and invites you to a colorful spectacle. Thousands of driving lights on the Danube stream, fire spectacles in the towns, impressive fireworks and wonderful opportunities for precious moments make the solstice celebrations in this region in the Wachau truly unforgettable.


Everything apricot in Krems (July 10th - 12th, 2020)

An event in honor of the popular fruit
in the pedestrian zone Krems, Fri-Sun from 10 a.m.


Maril steering day in Spitz (17.07-19.07.2020)

At the time of the apricot harvest, the market square in Spitz an der Donau was transformed into a fairground. Numerous market stalls offer apricot products (apricot dumplings, schnapps, jam ..) combined with a colorful entertainment program.


Wachaufestspiele Weissenkirchen

Weissenkirchen offers an evening cultural program in the open air from mid-July to early September 2020


Riesling Festival in Weissenkirchen (Mid August)

This festival is dedicated to the king of wines - Riesling. In addition to top Wachau wines, there is traditional food and musical entertainment.


Rohrendorfer Kellergassenfest

Every two years (04.-06.09.2020) the 3-day Rohrendorfer Kellergassenfest takes place in Austria's longest cellar lane with 1,650m. Around 30 cellar owners open their doors to offer visitors hearty dishes from the kitchen and refreshments from the cellar. But high-quality handicrafts by regional artists can also be found in many press shops. The main protagonists are the excellent and partly highly awarded wines from the Rohrendorfer winemakers.


Star night in the Wachau (19.09.2020)

On September 14th and 15th, the small, dreamy community of Rossatzbach on the Danube turns into a musical hotspot. The moderators' dream team will guide you through the evening: Barbara Schöneberger and Alfons Haider


Wachau marathon (27.09.2020)

The Wachau Marathon is the largest running event in Lower Austria.


Weinherbst Rieden hike  
Starting point Kellergasse Rohrendorf,
Beginning 1:30 p.m. by appointment


Wine autumn carriage ride  
through the Kellergasse Rohrendorf with subsequent

Wine tasting , starting at 2:00 p.m., upon reservation


Spring | Summer season
March 16 - October 31