Alternative investment - buy yourself a  Weinblick Country House room!


Invest in Landhaus Weinblick and buy your personal LANDHAUS room. Your investment for the next 3-5 years will provide you with one week of free holidays per year with a sense of well-being
'Coming home'

Documentary confirmation after receipt of payment!

Become a valuable part of the LANDHAUS  Weinblick

Private Investment

Invest capital and spend the next few years for a week / year in the beautiful Krems Valley with interest * free of charge.
For your investment, you will receive a financing certificate for your new country house holiday room. Relax now in a family atmosphere, let your future weeks of vacation come to a home with friends!

* Prices are adjusted annually for inflation, you invest once and you do not expect any price increase in the next 3 or 5 years, you spend the night on your investment value.


Your investment options:

3 years / 1 week holiday per year ......... 1.500 €
5 years / 1 week holiday per year ......... 2.500 €

Become an investor in the LANDHAUS  Weinblick   today !


Company Investment

Even companies have the opportunity to invest in the country house! We would be pleased to advertise your investment via the 'Landhaus Partner Page', recommend it further and make appointments for your customers as a showcase. Do you own a carpentry, sell goods or services that serve to maintain a home, or are you a hotel decorator?
We look forward to hearing from you: